Antonius is a marketleader in producing complex 3D shaped products. Almost 80 years of craftmanship in shaping metals brought us to the level we are at right now.

With our extensive knowledge of material grades, the best welders in the industry and our special machines we can produce high quality product in special materialgrades and in all sizes !

Our team of 65 professionals have extensive knowledge and expertise in forming carbon steels, stainless steels and other special materials. Our craftsmanship is the main reason why our customers do contact Antonius at an early stage.

Antonius is also your ideal partner for the manufacturing of (large or small) standardized series products like vesselheads, cones or expansion bellows.


Challenge us and experience our craftmanship !


The Netherlands
S. Houbenweg 1
6051 AL Maasbracht
P.O. Box 7001
6050 AA Maasbracht
(T) +31 (0)475 439 000
(F) +31 (0)475 439 001