Antonius is a leading producer of complex shapes, vesselheads, cones, expansion joints and other special products in exotic and special materials.

The company operates worldwide on five continents from it’s homebase in Maasbracht, the Netherlands where our production facility is located. Our main markets are Oil&Gas, Chemical Process industry, Power Generation, Pulp&Paper and Food.

Our team of 55 professionals have extensive knowledge and expertise in forming carbon steels, stainless steels and other special materials. Our craftsmanship is the main reason why customers and engineering firms do contact Antonius at an early stage.

Due to our location we have no limitation in transporting our finished goods all over the world. We have our own quay from which extremely large objects can be shipped directly to Rotterdam or Antwerp. Short distances to motorways and the Airports of Eindhoven or Maastricht ensure easy transport by road or air.


Richard HamersmaManaging Director
Rob DerixCommercial Director